Monday, September 8, 2008

100 Learning Cards

In 1975, my mom, LaFawn Holt, published a set of 100 5x7 cards, each with a creative activity to do with your kids.

Each post on this blog will feature one of those ideas and perhaps a photo or memory of how I used it with my own kids.

Feel free to use these ideas in your own home or in a preschool or church nursery, but please do not republish or sell them without my permission.

PS: Happy Birthday, Heather!


tpmotd said...

Great idea, Mom!

Miriam said...

It's cool to have them online with the photos and clips!! GREAT JOB!!

Kathey said...

What a great blog. Those learning cards look fabulous. Is it still possible to purchase them?

Meta said...

What a wonderful idea - thank you for sharing with me! As a young mom, I am ALWAYS looking for a new idea or activity for my kids. Now this is a blog definitely worth reading! :)