Sunday, December 12, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 6: Joseph


Matt 1:18-24

Joseph must have struggled with God, asked Him some tough questions. "Dear God, the woman I am engaged to is with child and it is not mine. Now what?" Typical of life to toss some tough questions with no easy answers.

Then the angel arrives, a message is received. "Joseph, it's OK. Be at peace. My Son is in the middle of this. Everything will be fine." Then the pieces began to fall into place: Elizabeth's son, shepherds who saw angels, foreigners bringing the money to pay for schooling. Joseph himself was a key piece in the plan: a faithful and loving foster father to protect, instruct and wonder at God's Son.

When Jesus is at the center of our lives we can forgive and be at peace, we can move ahead in faith even on dark nights.

His Father's Eyes

by Christy Riches Hinkson

A manger cradle, a brighter light.
Light of the world is here tonight.
Angels singing praises of joy.
Welcoming the newborn boy.
Mother sings lullabies.
Look, he's got his Father's eyes.
Those eyes see blessings in the pain.
They see sunshine in the rain.
They see love behind the lies.
Yes, he's got his Father's eyes.

I've been noticing how well-named Joseph was.  Notice the similarities between Joseph of Egypt and Joseph of Nazareth / Bethlehem.
Leaders: Joseph of Egypt was the birthright son, head of the 12 tribes and 2nd only to Pharaoh in Egypt.  Joseph of Nazareth would have been the King of the Jews had the land not been under Roman rule.
Both Josephs were honorable in their dealings with women.
Both went down to Egypt, humbled for God's purposes.
And, most pointedly, both were visionary men, dreamers.  This is a biblical description of a man of God. Both had learned to pay attention to how God spoke to them and believeing that He did.
Both were JUST (or righteous) men.
In Hebrew, KING is מֶלֶךְ or Melek and JUST is צַדִּיק or Tseddek.
Thus, Joseph was a Melek-Tseddek.  Are you surprised that God would appoint an amazing Melchizedek priesthood holder to raise His Son?

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