Monday, October 6, 2008

Dress Ups

That's what I called costumes: "dress-ups." Whatever you call them, I loved to dress up and pretend. Mom helped that happen, and it couldn't have been convenient for her.

Here's my earliest photo of me in costume, prefiguring Johnny Depp et al. This is my third or fourth (probably) birthday party. Mom had bandanas for everyone with one large earring attached to it : so much easier than piercing little kids' ears! My brothers are behind me to the left (Doug in the striped shirt; Steve next to him on the middle row) and to my left was my bestest friend in the world, Ann Kenney. We went to see Disney's Sleeping Beauty together TWICE : once when it first came out in the 50's and again when it was rereleased our senior year of high school. (I bought the paperdolls both times, too, and am sorely tempted to buy the new two DVD version: how well those marketing people know us!) Note that I am holding the treasure.

My brother Steve was my favorite playmate for years. He was very creative and inventive and tolerant of a younger sister. Here he plays Prince Charming to my Princess.

Both of the above photos were taken when we lived on Wyoming Street in Salt Lake City, the first house I remember living in . The Salt Lake Tribune ad for it, dated 29 August 1954, in the Homes for Sale column said :

"NO DOWN payment to qualified vet. 3 bedrms. 1,200 sq ft. Dead end street. New school. 7-1076 ."

Dad says he only had to pay $300 out of pocket to buy this house.

Left is a photo of me as the flower girl at my cousin Joan's wedding. I am told I spent most of the evening twirling around and around : evidently there is an old 8 mm film of this somewhere. What I do remember is playing dress ups with the hat and umbrella for years until they were both literally in tatters.

One more birthday party. This was from my 5th birthday, just after we moved to East Millcreek. The girls are, from L to R, Kathy Tolstrup, Kirsten Jensen, Becky Bromman, Ann Kenney, ?, me, my cousin Marilyn. Again, mom went to a LOT of work to make those crepe paper grass skirts. Thanks, Mom.

And all this work wasn't just for me: look at the cool wings Den Mother Mom made for Doug (left) and Steve (middle) who were Cub Scouts. I believe they were "Thunderbirds" - probably for a skit at the Pack meeting, which Dad, as Cubmaster, would have been in charge of. What great parents we have!

[Some of you may know that I have a collection of paperdolls. Mom started me on that when she gave me her original, uncut Ivory Soap set of the Dionne quintuplets. Occasionally I'll post paperdolls which relate to the topic, like this DRESS UP doll. Print them out and have fun with your kids.]


mike said...

Many of these pictures are too small to see clearly; can you link to the larger ones?

Also, were the Thunderbirds these guys? Or were they playing as American Indians?

Rebecca Stay said...

The originals are only 2"x2" so there is a limit to what I can give you. I am scanning them at 600 dpi and have much bigger versions I can send you on a disk. They just take way too long to upload.
And frankly, I don't know how to put in a link yet. Just learning.
No, they were Indian Thunderbirds, like junior Order of the Arrow.

Robin said...

Hey Rebecca... what wonderful memories! Love the pictures and playing the brothers and sisters! And.. then the paperdolls, how great you still have yours.