Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

While looking for Hector the Halloween Cat, I found all these pumpkins made YEARS ago by my sons. I thought you'd all enjoy seeing how artistic they all were . . . are.

These are Mike's.

This one is from Doug, nicely signed on the back.

And notice the great animation on this one from Steve: see how the eyes move?

Weren't we amazing in our fine technologically advanced artwork?

I couldn't find David's pumpkin, but he did make this nice Mayflower. See his name in the waves?

What is halloween without bats and ghosts?

Mike did the bat.

Doug drew the complicated scene with ghosts and mummies.

The mom and baby ghost are unsigned.
Anyone claim them?

Happy Halloween!


Karen Ahlstrom said...

Wow! Soooo cute.

Laura said...

I love children's art! My parent's Christmas tree ornaments are almost all grade school art projects made by my brothers and me. I want a tree like that once my children are in school.