Friday, October 17, 2008

Tag! You're It!

Susan tagged me. So here is the 4th picture from the 4th file in "My Pictures." That was 2002. This is Aidan - my only grandchild at the time - at his OTHER grandparents' home in Colorado Springs. Mike and Miriam were living there after Mike lost his job when the bubble burst. My Dad and I had driven there to visit them after dropping someone off at BYU and the Williams were most gracious. I love this photo because of the good lighting: that is the ONE most important thing I have learned about photography from Lesli. Those who knew him when he was young will recognize Mike's hair and cleft chin. Shortly after this photo, Dad and I drove off east to see the church sites in Missouri and Iowa on our way to Ohio and Mike and his family flew west to Auckland, New Zealand for a new adventure, a new job, a new school (U of Auckland), and a whole slew of wonderful new friends.

I'll tag Heather, Karen, Doug or Lesli, and Steve.
Sorry: I still don't know how to imbed a link . . .


Karen Ahlstrom said...

to imbed a link to another webpage type [a href= InsertURLHere] words you want clickable [/a] except use the greater than and less than signs rather than brackets.

To make your small picture link to a larger version of the picture, either:

a-upload the large version to blogger (which I think you might have done here)


b-upload the large picture to a picasa web album and then view it online. On the right side of the page, there's a text box that says Embed Image above it. Put a checkbox next to "Hide Album Link" select the size you want in your blog, then copy the text from the box to put in the blog. It'll look something like this (except with greater than and less than instead of brackets):

[a href=""][img src="" /][/a]

kimlis said...

It's a great picture of Aiden. How old is he now?

I love that Karen told you how to put in a link. It's Greek to me!

gremhog said...

hey, phyl...What Karen's greek to me, too. All I do, is highlight the name of the person (in this case), having already COPY'd their website, then on the blogsite, I click on the thing that looks like too links, go to that window and PASTE the copied website and OK. Thanx for playing.